The Next Chapter

Join us as we talk to visionary leaders from BCG’s Senior Advisor crew about their next chapters.

Episode 1-Lamina1, the Open metaverse & what’s at stake.

Rony Abovitz & Mickey McManus explore the idea of an open metaverse and what’s at stake if we continue to allow the web 2.0 corporations to be the only game in town.

An 8 minute podcast “quick take” on the implications and potential of building an open metaverse (think RedHat versus Windows).

Watch the 8 minute video stream…

Take a deeper dive with the 30 minute video stream…

or read the white paper!

Episode 2-Getting to velocity in a transformation

Sigal Zarmi and Brad Strock, two transformational CxOs, explore getting to velocity in a transformation.

An ~11 minute podcast about getting to velocity in a transformation with Sigal Zarmi and Brad Strock

Key CxO learnings in a transformation…

A 4 minute quick take on what you must learn as a leader to make a transformation successful

Often transformations fail to drive business velocity and value, what does it really take to make a transformation successful?

An 11 minute deep dive conversation behind the scenes with transformational leaders Sigal Zharmi and Brad Strock

Why do peers want you in the room?

A ~5 minute quick take on why peers ask for our senior advisors to be in the room

What did you learn and how did you change and grow as a leader during a large scale transformation?

A ~7 minute dive into crucible moments and what Sigal and Brad learned as leaders

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